BCCC Super Cruise Car Show

This show benefits disabled children, and has paid for many of those children to attend summer camps specifically designed to accommodate their needs.  This year's show had approximately 360 participants.  The TCC was asked to help with the raffle portion of the show.  Barbara and Marilyn ran the booth all day.  The TCC earned priority parking from our participation last year.  We were directly next to the stage, and center of activities.   TCC made a good showing.  7 of the TCC members received awards.  Congratulations to all our winners.

The American Car and Truck Show

Twelve TCC members registered for the show, but only ten TCC vehicles attended.  The weather was great, the food was good, the company was great and the show was well attended. 


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Bear Valley Cruise-in

​52 vehicles showed up for the Bear Valley Cruise-in. The weather was good and the company was great! All of the profits went to the local Relay for Life. Thanks John and Linda Stivers for hosting the event.

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Ridge Route Run Car Show

The Frazier Mountain Car Club hosted their show and arranged for a beautiful day.  Our hosts estimated it was their largest attended show to date.  Eight TCC cars attended.  Our friends from Chevy Classics Car Club also made a good showing.

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Fall Colors Car Show

Bishop, Ca.

​7 TCC cars participated in the Car Show.  The show consisted of over 300 cars this year.  The TCC peeps displayed in the same place they have for several years.  This year, our friends of the Owens Valley Cruisers placed a restroom in that area of the show grounds.  Wasn't that thoughtful?

Cruizin Morro Bay Car Show

Eight TCC vehicles were part of the Cruizin Morro Bay Car Show.  Six of those drove to the coast together.  A few of our treasure hunters received gift baskets from local merchants.  The Pughs received a trophy, and the Thompsons received a trophy and a plaque.  Congratulations to all.

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Hans and Rachel's Open Garage

Hans and Rachel invited the TCC and another Car Club to visit their train store and warehouse that houses 45 of their collector cars. Thanks for the show!